Flooring for property managers


Flooring for property managers

If you’re a company that manages properties like multi-family apartments and condos, we understand that flooring needs are always constant. We also know that it can take a great deal of time and budget to meet all your needs, especially when you manage multiple properties in different locations. The good news is that there are options that remove much of the stress and worry, leaving you more time to worry about more important things.

Essential factors for your flooring needs

There are some critical factors that every floor covering needs when you're installing it in a multi-family property. For instance, if you have frequent move-ins and move-outs, our flooring company can help establish whether new floors are necessary. If so, we provide outstanding products that meet your needs for durability, style, and lifespan to ensure no more replacements than necessary.

One of the best things to include with your new floor installation is built-in stain and odor protection. It’s a great way to guard against permanent stains and makes the floors easier to clean to keep them looking great and smelling fresh for years. In addition, the higher upfront cost could save you a great deal because the products last longer, so you won't have to visit our flooring store in Northridge, CA, to replace them as often.

Another feature that could be most important to you is the opportunity to choose solutions that require no acclimation or wait time before installation. Products like luxury vinyl bring installation methods that include floating, loose-lay, and glue-down options for the fastest turnaround time, even on a budget. When you visit us, we'll give you all the best options so you can provide flooring to every multi-family building you manage.



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We offer the flooring you need

Tri Star Flooring & Window Coverings has a reputation as a flooring company that includes timely scheduling and high-quality products for any remodeling requirement. In addition, we have more than 25 years of experience in commercial and residential settings, so we understand both sides of the need. When you're ready to choose the best floor covering options for your upcoming project, contact us for options, estimates, and answers to all your questions.

You can visit our showroom any time in Northridge, CA, to see our floor covering options and make a more informed decision. We provide flooring for property managers as if it was our own to provide solutions for every space that needs a new floor. Our service areas include Northridge, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Simi Valley, CA, Santa Clarita, CA, West Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, Ventura, CA, Oxnard, CA, Santa Anna, CA, and West Lake Village, CA.